Episode 29- I’m Gonna Make This A Sane Summer (for Jim Willis)

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 29- I'm Gonna Make This A Sane Summer (for Jim Willis)

Track List-

1. Clouds- Hiroshi Yoshimura
2. Spring Frost- Brian Eno & Roger Eno
3. Meet Me In The Sheep Meadow- Yoshio Suzuki
4. You, Me & Gravity (Jim Croft Mix)- Jim Guthrie & J.J. Ipsen
5. Blue Jewels- Anouar Brahem Trio
6. Full On Night- Rachel’s
7. 1:1- Brian Eno
8. Loftið Verður Skyndilega Kalt- Ólafur Arnalds
9. Hammers- Nils Frahm
10. Multiple 12- Wim Mertens
11. Dark Souls- Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook
12. Apokalypse- Ben Frost
13. Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair _ My Lady Carey’s Dompe- Ensemble Galilei
14. Turn Your Eyes- Karl Verkade
15. Shona- Michael Brook
16. Ich Dachte, Ich Haette Mehr Zeit- Ben Frost
17. Into The Lights- Aeon Waves
18. Tongues- Aural Method
19. Roscian- Agnes Obel

Episode 28- Music To Watch Snow To

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 28- Music To Watch Snow To

Track List-

1. Gaeltacht- Alan Stivell
2. Fuel To Fire (instrumental)- Agnes Obel
3. Kashf- Anouar Brahem/John Surman/Dave Holland
4. Seconda navigazione- Roberto Cacciapaglia
5. Gone Forever- Ulrich Schnauss
6. Lost- Zoë Keating
7. Metamorphosis One (instrumental)- Philip Glass
8. A Visiting Card- Wim Mertens
9. The Gunfighter- Harold Budd
10. The Plateaux Of Mirror- Harold Budd & Brian Eno
11. Parace mihi demine- Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble
12. Boy 1904- Jonsi & Alex
13. Nuvole Nere- Ludovico Einaudi
14. Magnificat- Arvo Pärt
15. Perpetuum Mobile- Penguin Cafe Orchestra
16. Pond Life- Thom Brennan
17. Aurora Borealis- Wendy Carlos

environments 2

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
environments 2

New York St. Lawrence, Kansas 66046 USA 9/28/19 4:32PM-5:32PM

Episode 27- Autumnal Skies

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 27- Autumnal Skies

Track List-

1. Abandon- Nautic Depths
2. Breaking Webs- Hessien
3. Regenwurm- Hans-Joachim Roedelius
4. The White Arcades- Harold Budd
5. Memory Gongs- Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd
6. Shelter- Hiatus
7. Holding- Grouper
8. Северная Тишина- Crane’s Dreams
9. Nue- Nils Frahm
10. Tunglið- Olafur Arnalds
11. Gimel- Wim Mertens
12. Looking Into The Past- Benn Jordan
13. Floods of Colour-Ben Woods
14. Pie in the Sky- Alio Die & Antonio Testa
15. Over Treetops- The Green Kingdom
16. Two Paths- David Helpling & Jon Jenkins
17. ACT II (The Mountain – The Invocation – The Forest – Psychopomp)- Dead Can Dance

Episode 26- The Holy Calm of Rolling Thunder

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 26- The Holy Calm of Rolling Thunder

Track List-

1. Meditation II- Laraaji
2. Blown-out from Heaven’s Mercied Hole- A Silver Mt. Zion
3. Untitled- Irezumi
4. Letters in August- Crane’s Dreams
5. Reflections Of Dead Maidens- Frozen Thoughts
6. Shadow Play- 36
7. An English Summer- Tone Color
8. Spirit and Soul- Laurence Galian
9. Constant Apex- Matt Borghi & Michael Teager
10. Elm- Hammock
11. Atardecer- Federico Durand
12. Birds- Echoculture
13. Beach Shelter (Loscil’s Grind Remix)- Heathered Pearls
14. Home Outside- Clem Leek
15. Amroth- Nest
16. A Small Realm- Nils Petter Molvaer

Episode 25- Casting the Net

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 25- Casting the Net

Track List-

1. Underwater Flowers- John Foxx  & Harold Budd
2. Quasarsphere- Manuel Göttsching
3. Ethos- Canoo
4. Becoming- Hiatus
5. Staying- Koda
6. You Will Be There- Kristofferson
7. The Knowing- (feat. Jon Jenkins)- David Helpling
8. Tristana- Nils Frahm
9. Einfeld- Ulrich Schnauss
10. ACT I (Sea Borne – Liberator Of Minds – Dance Of The Bacchantes)- Dead Can Dance
11. The Shade- Eno/Moebius/Roedelius
12. Gush Forth My Tears (First Steppes Mix)- Miranda Sex Garden
13. We Have A Map Of The Piano- Múm
14. Mad Rush- Philip Glass
15. Theme from To Kill A Dead Man- Portishead
16. Echo- Onna-Kodomo
17. Boadicea- Enya
18. After the Wind- Ben Woods

Episode 24- Hugger, Not Hugged

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 24- Hugger, Not Hugged

Track List-

1. Decay- 4lienetic
2. Missed Opportunities- Forgotten Wolf
3. Luminescent- Kova
4. Venus In Pisces- Arc of Doves
5. Last Time I Saw You- Manners
6. Eve- Polyphony
7. Otjánbird Pt. II- Spheriá 
8. Terpene- Carbon Based Lifeforms
9. Hybrid- Michael Brook/Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois
10. Early Water- Michael Hoenig & Manuel Göttsching
11. Still Pretty- Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
12. Mildly Skeeming- Wim Mertens
13. The Artificial Pine Arch Song- Stars Of The Lid

Episode 23- The Vastness

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 23- The Vastness

Track List-

1. Mysterious Semblance at the Stand of Nightmares- Tangerine Dream
2. Mist- Thom Brennan
3. Hunted Twice- Deaf Center
4. Music Eternal- Dead Can Dance
5. Halving The Compass- Helios
6. I’m Sleeping Under the Dead Tree- The Films
7. Im Glanze Der Kometen- Berserin Quartett
8. Levitate- 36
9. Attribute 39 (Donato Dozzy remix)- Peter Van Hoesen
10. Refrain- School Of Emotional Engineering
11. Ruis- Sonmi451
12. Valse Fatale- Field Rotation
13. Yompn- Maps and Diagrams
14. Far From Land- Nest
15. Alchemy of Snow- Netherworld

Episode 22- Little Weasel

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 22- Little Weasel

Track List-

1. Blaen- Maps And Diagrams
2. Einsame Wandern Still Im Sternensaal- Perserin Quartett
3. Alef- Wim Mertens
4. Think- U. Srinivas & Michael Brook
5. Barramundi- This Mortal Coil
6. A Paler Sky- Roger Eno
7. Fireflies- Kate St. John
8. Pique-nique Nagpur- Anouar Brahem
9. Oculus- Luke Howard
10. It’s Lonely Around People, Too (Teen Daze Remix)- Mountain Range
11. Imber (Stray Theories Remix)- Rhian Sheehan
12. Burden- Subtact & Jay Rodger
13. Ether- We Are All Astronauts
14. Glow- Lights & Motion
15. Come Softly- Grouper
16. Multiple 12- Wim Mertens
17. Otterley- Cocteau Twins
18. Juno- Harold Budd
19. Seiden Stille- Jacaszek
20. Penumbra- Michael Brook & Djivan Gasparyan
21. Dissociation (Extended)- Levi Patel
22. Remnants- Ambientsketchbook
23. Bring Us Closer- Crazy About You