Episode 4- It’s Happening Again

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 4- It’s Happening Again

Track list –

1. The Bookhouse Boys- Angelo Badalamenti
2. Season 3 Soundtrack Idea- Dave Locke
3. Questions in a World of Blue- The Norwegians
4. Audrey (TV Version)- Angelo Badalamenti
5. Sycamore Trees- Chrysta Bell
6. The Night Bell with Lightning- David Lynch
7. Mysteries of Love- Julee Cruise
8. Falling- Xiu Xiu
9. Night Bells- Angelo Badalamenti
10. Cold Wind Blowin’- David Lynch
11. A Dream in Blue- Silencio
12. Blue Spanish Sky- Chris Isaak
13. Mr. Eddy’s Theme 2- Angelo Badalamenti
14. Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)- Angelo Badalamenti 15. I’m Hurt Bad- Angelo Badalamenti
16. Dark Mood Woods- Angelo Badalamenti
17. The Big Dream (Venetian Snares Remix)- David Lynch 18. A Strange & Difficult Path- The Black Hundred
19. Packard’s Vibration- Xiu Xiu
20. Kyrie- Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch
21. I Float Alone- Julee Cruise
22. Polish Poem- Chrysta Bell
23. Sycamore Tree- Xiu Xiu
24. Best Friends- Angelo Badalamenti
25. In Dreams- Roy Orbison
26. Wicked Game- Chris Isaak
27. Fire Walk With Me-The Norwegians
28. Voice of Love (Slow)- Angelo Badalamenti