Episode 15- The Endless Winter

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 15- The Endless Winter

Track List-

1. Nice To Meet You, Life- Need a Name
2. Awakening- Random Forest
3. Floral Avenue- Skywide
4. Watching The Storm- U137
5. Quiet at Dawn- Air Shaper
6. The Night Sky Broke In Open Stride As Weary Stars Increased (Need a Name Remix)- Aural Method
7. Anxiety- Amity
8. Dusk- Carly Comando
9. long nights short days- Heartscape Landbreak
10. Subtext- John Foxx & Harold Budd
11. The Protagonist- Dead Can Dance
12. As The Earth Kissed The Moon- Michael Stearns
13. Helios/ Halving The Compass- Keith Kenniff
14. Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow- Hammock
15. Verbena Tea With Rebekah Raff- Teebs
16. Maybe One Day This Will Be Just A Memory- A Cerulean State
17. Alone- Creepa & Subsets
18. The Battle to Heaven- Mono
19. Tangerine- Michael Brook
20. Colors In Space- Explosions In The Sky
21. Spider and I- Brian Eno

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