Episode 19- Octopia

Twilight Language
Twilight Language
Episode 19- Octopia

Track List-

1. Her Rituals- Rafael Anton Irisarri
2. The Old Dance- Roger Eno
3. You Again- John Foxx & Harold Budd
4. Endless Falls- Loscil
5. Growth- Michael Harris
6. Epilogue- Olafur Arnalds
7. Amreik- Eluvium
8. Of North Wales- Bing Satellites & Daniel Land
9. Daníell In the Sea- Jónsi & Alex
10. Home Outside- Clem Leek
11. Moon Is Sharp- Grouper
12. Placing Faith In That Which Haunts Us Part 3- Chris Tenz
13. Somniloquy- Bonecold
14. Already There- The Sight Below
15. Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered- Michael Stearns
16. View From The Peephole- Sense
17. Halcyon- Ben Woods
18. goldengrove- Jacaszek
19. Days of Delay- Roger Eno & Kate St. John
20. Angel Fragments- Laurie Anderson
21. Zirkusmusik- Jürgen Knieper

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